Name :   Michael Cramer
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Date :   19/6/2007
Message :   I am trying to find contact information for the people in charge of the Jagielnica shtetl website that is linked to Do you know how I could get emails for the contributors mentioned on this site? Many thanks for your web site. Michael Cr

Name :   Joseph
Email :   jgreenba at
URL :   
Date :   5/19/2007
Message :   Dabrowa Gornicza Town Leader

Name :   Pnina Meislish
Email :   
URL :   
Date :   6 May 2007
Message :   Very dear Ada. Lots of thanks for your such a big deed!!! Id I did not know you I could not believe. Love, Pnina, Jerusalem

Name :   Sara
Email :   
URL :   
Date :   5/10/07
Message :   Beautiful website, my fathers biological parents were Prussian Jews who left the country in the late 40s I dont know much about them or my heritage since my father was adopted but sites like this help me feel grateful for everything that the Jewish people

Name :   Ben de Witte
Email :   bendewitte at
URL :   
Date :   23 - 02 - 2007
Message :   Dear Ada, it is an honour to write in your guestbook. Very impressive and extended. Since 1992 my best friend (and former colleague)and I have been visiting several concentrationcamps and cities in Poland every year. Both we read everything we are able to

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