First Name :   SURVIVOR
Agency/Company :   Brass peace program client
Comments or Suggestions :   Thank you for saving my lil girl and Is life. My mother would cry every night thinking my face would be next in the paper. He is now incarcerated and I have a new chapter to begin. Life is beautiful. Love you all.
First Name :   Melissa
Agency/Company :   survivors child
Comments or Suggestions :   I think BRASS is the best places to be when you go through a violent situation. They help you through all the rough times you are having and they better your life. They also help parents with their kids when it comes to getting them through school. I pers
First Name :   audrey
Agency/Company :   survivor
Comments or Suggestions :   Dear BRASS thank you so much for helping my mom brother sister and me. I greatly appreciate it i am doing good now and i finally got my G.E.D and have a daughter. thank you again so much
First Name :   Cindy
Agency/Company :   survivor
Comments or Suggestions :   Thank you for all everyone did to get us safe. My children and I are eternally greatful. I am now to where I am helping other to get thru the same situations.
First Name :   kenna,prestyn,and benjamin.
Agency/Company :   
Comments or Suggestions :   we appreciate everything the staff at brass did for us. prestyn and i will never forget the things ALL of u did. it takes great people to do what u all do we love you!!
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