Date :   15 May 2012
First Name :   winston
Last Name :   madramootoo
E-mail :
Province/State :   south australia
Country :   australia
Comments :   i was in attendance from 58 to 62. really enjoyed the atmosphere of CHS.managed to get a first division in CAMBRIDGE school certificate.Mr. Adams then took me on staff. great experience. Very interested in contact with anyone from my era, particularly i
Date :   17 January 2011
First Name :   Joy Ann
Last Name :   Hooper-Beckles
E-mail :
Province/State :   
Country :   BARBADOS,W. I.
Comments :   My sister Judy and I attended Central Preparatory School and Central High School in the 70s. May God continue to bless and preserve Central High School, because a good education is sound foundation and I am looking forward to attending the CHS Reunion 201
Date :   12/28/2011
First Name :   susan
Last Name :   rhamanohar
E-mail :
Province/State :   florida
Country :   usa
Comments :   graduated 1981
Date :   31st August 2011
First Name :   Albert
Last Name :   Persaud
E-mail :
Province/State :   London
Country :   ENGLAND
Comments :   I attended CHS from 1965-1971. Had a great time, took part in plays, played cricket- Mr Chetram was captain/coach.- Colin Croft was in class above me; met him many times in London also knows Roger Harper. Also had a good education. Would like to hear from
Date :   2011/06/17
First Name :   June
Last Name :   Alexander-Andrews
E-mail :
Province/State :   
Country :   Guyana
Comments :   Hi,I attended CHS(smyth st. branch)from 1976-1982.wasin class with Sharon Hyderkhan,Lois Gordon,Sharon & Shelly Ogle etc.Id love to find some of my classmates.
Date :   02/20/11
First Name :   Dennis
Last Name :   Choo-Wing
E-mail :
Province/State :   Connecticut
Country :   USA
Comments :   Looking to connect with anyone who attended CHS between 1960 - 1966 who may remember me. In particular James Cho Pak Chee and Linda Subryan
Date :   03/10/2008
Full Name :   sushila sooroojpal
E-mail :
Country :   guyana
Comments :   these picture bring back good memories,i was a student at CHS,keep up the good work.thanks
Date :   
Full Name :   coretta kilkenny
E-mail :
Country :   guyana
Comments :   i am always looking for my classmates. i attended Central High School, Smyth st branch, from 1979 to 1985. feel free to contact me.
Date :   Aug.17th 2008
Full Name :   Carlton Michael Yhip
E-mail :
Country :   Canada
Comments :   Sir, Plz. keep me abreast of your events and activities. Thanks. Carlton Yhip.
Date :   8/3/08
Full Name :   cleopatra williams
E-mail :
Country :   U.S.A
Comments :   I attended central high school from 1974-1977 longing to meet any from that time
Date :   July 23 2008
Full Name :   Fanzeea Dinally
E-mail :
Country :   Canada
Comments :   I would like to know if there are anyone out there that attended Central High with my father. He is now 67yrs. old and his name at the time was Sultan Dinally. Please email me. Thanks much.
Date :   7/23/08
Full Name :   SHEREEN ALI
Country :   USA
Comments :   Hi, I attend CHS 1970-1973, i started with Central Prep and then when to CHS, left 1973 form 2A to live in abroad, so there are alot of friends out there that i would like to get in touch with. I hope I can find them on this site. Thank you
Date :   July 22, 2008
Full Name :   Shirley
E-mail :
Country :   USA
Comments :   Would like to see pictures from the very first reunion in 1987/1988
Full Name :   Wainwright Newark (Wayne)
E-mail :
Country :   USA
Comments :   I am one of the frist boys to attend St Phillips, (60`s). Keep up the good work.
Full Name :   Kealoutie Mathura
E-mail :
Country :   USA,
Comments :   Attended CHS 1975-1980, would love to me ld friends/classmates and teachers.
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