First Name :   Carol
Comments :   Saw your post on the vet site. We have a similar issue....we had our stallion scoped us if you care to.
First Name :   Shannon
Comments :   Its wonderful to see such a great son of Jakes out there standing and producing beautiful foals. I knew Jake and admired him greatly. The personality and temperment he gave his offspring was second to none. Since hes now out of the breeding pool, Im be ve
First Name :   Bill
URL :   
Comments :   Hi Darci, Great job. Im impressed. Keep up the good work.
First Name :   Sam
URL :   
Comments :   Hello, Darci. Just thought I would sign the book while I was on here. You have a very impressive website. Awesome, in fact!!!
First Name :   Chuck
Comments :   Hi Darci, Nice web site, Just wanted to say I met a girl named Sue from Texas on the Michigan shore to shore ride. She said she had stopped and saw you and was very impressed with your horses and thought you were doing a great job. Chuck Fanslow Mich
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