Name :   Harold Null
Diabetic for :   30 yrs
Hometown :   Corinth MS
Comment :   Best form i have found.

Name :   Racheal Clark
Diabetic for :   Typ 2 6 years
Hometown :   Columbia City
Comment :   I have been Diabetes for 6 year and I have check my blood check for 3 times day. I dont take shot. But I take pill for 2 twice day.

Name :   John Rees
Diabetic for :   23 years
Hometown :   Tularosa, N.M.
Comment :   I have used your printable diabetes chart for years. It has been very helpful for me to understand how to manage my blood sugar levels and maintain a H1C of 6.4 to 6.7.

Name :   Charles Eble
Diabetic for :   7 years
Hometown :   Indianapolis, Indiana
Comment :   

Name :   Harold Null
Diabetic for :   25 yrs
Hometown :   Corinth MS
Comment :   Best Chart that i have found in all these years.

Name :   Linda
Diabetic for :   20 yrs.
Hometown :   Edinburg
Comment :   Love this site. The glucose reading logs really help me and motivate me to stay on track. Thank you so much for this site. Keep it up.

Name :   Ray O.
Diabetic for :   24 yrs
Hometown :   Evansville
Comment :   Struggle to keep diabetes under control despite cooking @ home!

Name :   dave
Diabetic for :   5 years
Hometown :   toronto
Comment :   nice ,lots of info thanks

Diabetic for :   # 2
Hometown :   SAVANNAH GA

Name :   Dick Mageske
Diabetic for :   10 years type 2
Hometown :   Tucumcari, NM
Comment :   Good charts and helps understand A1C meanings... I use Glyburide 2X a day, and one shot of Long acting Atlantis.. Last A1C test I was 6.5

Name :   Dan
Diabetic for :   myself
Hometown :   Los Angeles CA
Comment :   This website is awesome thank you.

Name :   cherylrichmondcheryl
Diabetic for :   cheryl
Hometown :   harper
Comment :   im a real bad diabetic and i cant get my sugar under control can you help?!

Name :   Angela Pinon
Diabetic for :   3-4 months
Hometown :   Hobbs
Comment :   I love this site since there are printable logs so I can keep track of my readings. I love all the diabetic information and AC1 levels to better understand. Thanks and keep it up!

Name :   Belinda Walker
Diabetic for :   11 years - type 1
Hometown :   South Boston, VA
Comment :   First time on this site and I love it. I can now keep track of my readings more easily. Very friendly site.

Name :   Kathi
Diabetic for :   1 month
Hometown :   Mt Shasta
Comment :   Forms are nice and clear and easy to use. I can adjust the monthly chart easily at this stage (no meds--hope to keep it that way). Thanks

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