Name: :   Shane O.
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Comments: :   Hi - I found a link to your page on a forum posting where you said you had dash bezels for a 03 PT Cruiser. Im looking for one in charcoal grey. If you have one youd like to sell, drop me a line at shaneo[at]shaneo[dot]com. Thanks!
Name: :   rcktpwrd
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Comments: :   @Gary Sorry I no longer have Larrys contact info. I believe he is somewhere in Texas.
Name: :   Gary Bowman
Your web site link: :   73-77 olds forum
Comments: :   Nice Page I have 2 olds 442 one a 77 drag-street car and a 76 442 ..was wondering if a could get in touch with Larry Johnson his car looks like a cool car is there any way to get in touch with him?And does he still have it? Not to people race those cars!!
Name: :   Timothy Smith
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Comments: :   Good idea on the PT wiper plug. I was looking for an example because Im going to pull my wiper motor and blade off and replace with some type of plug.
Name: :   budlyte
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Comments: :   like web site
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