First Name :   Steve
Comment :   This is great! - gives me a real picture of whats happening during my Atrial Fib. Thank you
First Name :   Bob
Comment :   Very nice work! One suggestion: for atrial fibrillation, the ventricular contractions should not occur at regular intervals but should match your ECG.
First Name :   Mario
Comment :   Excellent work! I read your paper in Chaos (15). This is 1st class scientific work that you should be proud of.
First Name :   Greg Betton, MD
Comment :   What a wonderful site. Ive already used it to help explain cardiac action potentials. Thank you so much
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Comment :   This is an excellent 3D view thanks.
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Comment :   this site is B.A.
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Comment :   very informative loved the site
First Name :   Josh
Comment :   It would be great if this site had some fish hearts, amphibian hearts, reptile hearts, and bird hearts for comparison (and contrast) with the mammals.
First Name :   Tori
Comment :   I gots 2 gots say that this site rox my awesome sox n I luv all the cool facts n I honestly think there should b more organs on a sites like this cuz it would b so much funner luv, me
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Comment :   Amazing Website, and truly informative. Please keep up the good work. Thank you!
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Comment :   Fantastic web-site! Congrats on an outstanding achievement!
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Comment :   Hello, nice site :)
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Comment :   Hi Flavio! Hope you to have a safe trip home. This site is really fantastic. If I have a chance, I would like to learn the visualization as well. Thank you for visiting KRISS!
First Name :   Frank
Comment :   Hi Elizabeth - Lots changes over 8 - 10 years. This is a wonderful work you guys have put together. Im in Singapore with the new Duke-GMS Graduate Medical School - and well link to this, for sure.
First Name :   Karen
Comment :   Great pictures! The 3D manipulatable heart model helped me understand arrhythmia better.
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