Name :   Charles DeRamus
Email :
Comment :   I have one each of your short box and long box calls. I own many calls, but only a few I will hunt with. Both of your calls are are very good calls and in my hunting vest.

Name :   Daniel Kinsey
Email :
Comment :   i met you guys at unicoi for the 2016 show. i really enjoyed talking with you. and you have some super nice calls, some of the niest calls there. i can`t wait until next years show. i hope to sell more calls next go round..

Name :   Benjamin Helms
Email :
Comment :   Great looking and sounding calls. The Shoemakers are good peoples and provide first rate service.

Name :   scott vieting
Email :
Comment :   your calls look awesome! Im looking forward to owning one soon.

Name :   Don Hester
Email :
Comment :   I bought a scratch box from yall back in 2008, thanks for your kindness.

Name :   David Wilson
Email :
Comment :   Yall,have some outstanding looking calls.

Name :   allen hawkins
Email :
Comment :   just got one of your box calls I am loving it will let you know who it works in ala also south fla

Name :   Bradley Graham
Email :   bradley.graham@hutchenspetro,com
Comment :   Great looking calls, seen you on OG but didnt realize you were from VA as I am.

Name :   christine mcvay
Email :   
Comment :   SS custom calls is the first thing my husband asks for every Christmas. All calls are handmade and are exquisite. They are durable, hold up in weather conditions and are affordable. My husband swears the calls are far and away a superior product when comp

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